Powder machinery

Using our technology and devices needed for powder processing,we provide the best solutions to the whole process,from original ingredients to the final product.


From planning to maintenance,we provide the best laboratory environments for a variety of fields and needs.

Educational facilities

We feed our knowledge of the lab field back into the classroom,creating places to nurture the talent and science technologies shaping Japan’s future.

Lab Maintenance

With our reliable technology and knowledge,we always maintain an ideal laboratory environment for our customers.

Clean equipment
environmental control

Advanced clean & containment technology helps secure quality and safety.We provide reassurance to our customers.

Liquid processing devices

The technology and quality behind liquid processing supports safety throughout our lives.We provide highly trustworthy devices and services, based on our extensive experience.

Consigned production (powder process)

From process development and trial manufacture to order-made processing and production,we can handle a variety of powder processes to help get your product to market.

Semiconductor production devices

From R&D to mass-production devices, we customize devices to best suit a wide range of needs.