Our strength


Basic research using a fume hood

Basic experiment and research works using beakers are carried out in a fume hood.
Both polyvinyl chloride resin and stainless steel specifications are available.

General-purpose machines

The fume hood incorporates the necessary processing bath and other devices.
Both polyvinyl chloride resin and stain-less steel specifications are available.

Manually operated machine equipped with a bath for research and development

Special-purpose machines

Equipment such as lift-off, etching, anodization and cleaning equipment that is customized according to customers’ needs by selecting or specifying processes (cleaning, etching, rinse, etc.), the number of cassettes, and bath layout.

Manually operated conveyance type for development and low-volume production

Automatic conveyance type for mass production

Work is manually operated, ranging from cassette conveyance to processing.

By simply setting a cassette on the loader, the full-automatic processing is executed.


Dalton customizes its equipment for optimization rather than sticking to existing equipment or specifications so that customers can achieve optimal manufacturing.