Group company

Fuji Paudal Co., Ltd.

Pursuing advanced granulating systems

Fuji Paudal Co., Ltd. was established in 1954 as a manufacturer of powder and granular material machines and systems. Fuji Paudal has been manufacturing various types of grinding, mixing, classification and drying equipment required for powder processing, mainly for granulators. At present, Fuji Paudal contributes to value creation for customers as a Manufacturing Technology Division of the Dalton Group.
The company is developing and manufacturing devices and systems that meets the demand for various powder and granular materials in a broad range of fields including medicine, food, and chemicals, as well as fine chemicals, environment, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. Its granulating systems, in particular, use unique technology that are highly trusted and regarded. As part of the basic industry supporting the entire industrial world, it contributes to creating a prosperous society by using its extensive knowledge, technology, and know-how based on experience.


Specialized consulting and contract processing related to powder and granular materials

In 1998, Technopaudalton Co., Ltd. became independent from the powder and granular material equipment system manufacturer Fuji Paudal Co., Ltd. Technopaudalton now offers consulting and contract processing that is related to powder and granular materials, including pulverization and granulation in various fields, handling such materials in a range of quantities from only a handful of material to several tons of products. The company satisfies needs that require advanced and complex technology by using its unique know-how derived from its extensive experience and values. As an outstanding “specialist in powder and granules”, it will support the industrial world.


Specialist in liquid machines and systems

Showa Kagaku Kikai Co., Ltd. was founded in 1933, and is a specialized manufacturer of manufacturing machines and systems for food, beverage, scientific and medical products, etc. As a leading company of stainless steel machining, Showa Kagaku Kikai has been supplying products and services that meet customers’ needs since the beginning of stainless steel production in Japan. The company is a group of advanced engineers that develop and manufacture machines and systems for customers who need absolute product quality, and flexibly responds to any demand through manufacturing of products that provide high safety and sanitation.